Cleaning the roof of your home is a necessity to prevent roof leakage and other roof damages but it is a question asked to me by many people “How often Should I Clean my Roof” so In this article I am going to tell you when you should clean the roof of your home.

Roof cleaning has become an associate degree accepted as part of home exterior maintenance. All roofing contractors agree that cleansing and maintaining your roof will extend its life.

Keeping your roof freed from trash, routine gutter cleansing a minimum of once a year, and repairing any loose or missing shingles can go a long way to extend the lifetime of your roof.

However, bear in mind that the majority roofing professionals can advocate that you simply leave the cleansing and maintenance of your roof to the professionals. These individuals have the experience and instrumentation to navigate your roof safely. Moss, fungi and wetness will create your roof slippery and dangerous to figure on.

The question of however usually you ought to clean your roof has several answers. The condition of your roof has everything to try and do with its lifetime, therefore taking note to your roof can prevent cash within the long run.

Also, the sort of roof you have got can verify the sort of cleansing required. alternative factors embody the number and type of trees encompassing your home, the sort of weather in your space, the age of your roof, and whether or not or not your roof has sustained any form of injury from severe weather.

Most common concrete tiles area unit brushed, flat and barrel or s-tile with a rough end that takes a protracted time to dry once wet. as a result of this it needs a lot of frequent cleanings, each 2 to 3 years counting on the sort of cleansing.

New tiles can sometimes need a primary cleansing at about 5 years. Pressure laundry will erode the end which is able to need a lot of frequent cleanings.

Asphalt composite shingles are a lot of fragile than concrete tiles however mustn’t need cleansing for a minimum of seven years.

These shingles dry abundant quicker once wet. However, low or air mass cleanings can destroy their delicate surfaces by removing the sandy gravel end and expose the paper beneath to high heat from the sun.

As a result of this makes the paper dry and brittle a lot of mildew growth happens because of the time it takes to dry once rain. unpleasant dark splotches or streaks on roofs may be caused by alga growth on the roof.

Why Should You Clean Your Roof?

Your roof is exposed to several parts throughout the year. From sturdy winds to extreme downpours, your asphalt shingles will deteriorate over time while not correct cleansing. additional wetness within the air will produce the right surroundings for mold and alga to grow on your roof shingles, which isn’t solely unattractive however damaging.

Whether or not you made the decision to try and do it yourself or rent knowledgeable, regular cleansing is that the primary thanks to extending the lifetime of your roof.

Here are a few smart reasons to own your roof washed to get rid of alga, lichens or moss:

  1. Organisms like alga, lichens and bryophyte may be feeding off the organic material in your shingles. they have to be cleansed away to prevent the injury to your roof.
  2. forestall wood rot by removing roof alga, lichens and bryophyte. These organisms will eat through your shingles and into your roof deck inflicting wetness to induce into cracks. this will end in mould growth,.
  3. Roofs coated with alga, bryophyte or lichens don’t with efficiency replicate daylight that causes shingles to soak up heat. this might increase the warmth in your attic, raising cooling prices.
  4. Your insurance underwriter might need that owners clean their roofs as a part of roof maintenance.
  5. Washing your roof will save the house owner the price of re-roofing and increase a home’s curb charm.
  6. Avoiding injury to your roof will forestall animal and bug invasion.

Factors that have an effect on Your Roof’s Condition

There area unit 2 major causes of dirty and moss-covered roofs:

#1 Excessive wetness that promotes bryophyte, fungi, and bacterium growth

Structural injury that enables water to course beneath your shingles or tiles wherever the sun can’t reach (When there’s injury, we tend to sometimes advocate our repair services before we tend to clean your roof.)

Here area unit many of the foremost common causes of those issues:

#2 Significant rain

heavy rainfallWater that accumulates on your roof from rain creates the right wet surroundings for bacterium, moss, and fungi to thrive. once additional rainy winters, you would possibly notice loads a lot of bryophyte and flora growth on your roof than usual.

The amount of rain that falls on your roof incorporates a massive impact on once (and however often) you ought to get wise cleansed.

#3 Excessive Shade

Many Portland and Vancouver homes area unit close beneath the duvet of huge trees. Trees area unit lovely — they assist keep your home cool within the summer and increase the worth of your property. sadly, they’ll conjointly create it onerous for wetness to evaporate off your roof.

If your roof is during a shaded space, you’ll most likely would like a roof examination and cleanings a lot of usually.

#4 Falling Leaves and alternative trash

If you frequently notice leaves or alternative trash from trees accumulating on your roof, you will need to trust a lot of frequent roof cleanings. Here’s why:

When leaves cowl your roof, they conjointly entice wetness, that makes it easier for bryophyte, fungi, and bacterium to grow, which may roof injury from snowalso cause the event of leaks. As we know, excess wetness equals dangerous news for roofs within the Pacific Northwest!

#5 Alternative Factors

There area unit several alternative reasons you will would like either a lot of frequent roof cleanings or additional roof maintenance than traditional.

Here are a few:

How Often You Should Clean Your Roof??

While your circumstances would possibly modification, it’s sometimes best to scrub your roof throughout the summer months once there’s associate degree adequate quantity of sunshine and nominal rain. That being aforementioned, if your roof starts to indicate signs of needing a roof wash or has suffered injury, it’s best to not delay. Keeping a watch on your roof’s condition and programming yearly inspections can make sure that your roof is maintained properly.

In simple words, you should get roof washed every 3-5 years. This will prevent roof damages and prevent roof leakage.

Cleaning Your Roof

When the time comes for you to scrub your roof, it’s vital to not use harsh chemicals or alternative cleansing product that may find yourself damaging your shingles. take care to clear limbs and leaves before employing a cleansing answer to get rid of stains and kill mildew.

With a hosepipe or lightweight water sprayer, wash the roof before applying a preventative treatment. never use a pressure washer for composite shingles; the air mass is powerful enough to get rid of shingles and can end in pricey roof repairs.

The best way to get your roof cleaned is by hiring professionals as they will do this more effectively than you and also, it will be dangerous for you and not recommended for you to climb up the roof and then clean it.