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So, you have decramastic roof tiles on your roof and want to replace it but don’t know where to start, if yes, here is how you can replace Decramastic Roof Tiles.

What are Decramastic Roof Tiles

In case you don’t know, Decramastic roof tiles conjointly referred to as ironed metal tiles or Decrabond were a preferred building material in Brisbane within the Seventies and Eighties, a product of galvanized steel with a hydrocarbon overlay.

This form of tile is celebrated for being light-weight, however, it usually needs maintenance and replacement thanks to wetness harm, hail, and rainstorms. Even walking on a decramastic roof might incur leaks and sags within the roof, that is why we have a tendency to suggest exchange them with a sturdier metal roof.

Due to the tiles being terribly light-weight and brittle, sadly repairing your decramastic roof isn’t AN possibility as doing, therefore, will truly cause additional harm than it already has.

How does one live if you’ve got a Decramastic covered Roof?

If your roof seems like the photographs below then it’s nearly definitely a decramastic roof. From a distance, they nearly appear as if a traditional clay tile until you look closely. they’re going to bend and dent, not like a dismissed roof.

Replacing a Decramastic roof

Your roof is clearly one in all the structural components of your home facing the foremost harm. It’s that a part of a building that instantly and frequently comes to bear with weather elements.

By far the foremost common replacement for decramastic covered roofs may be a metal roof i.e. Colorbond. Typically, the present roof structure has not been designed to support the load of a ceramic/clay covered roofs. Colorbond metal roofing is that the most suitable choice to feature decades of life to your home, safeguarding it for several years to come back whereas adding the right smart price to your home.

Age of Decramastic Roof

All roofing materials degrade over time however once the first decramastic tile roofs grow up, the result may be much more unpleasant. The surface coating and texture of the many more cost-effective varieties of older tiles area units believed to be extremely prone to ever-changing temperatures. If your roof dates back to the Seventies and Eighties it’s suggested that you just get an expert to assess the recent tiles before undergoing roof repairs or replacements.

Weather harm on Decramastic Roof

Driving rain, sturdy winds and direct exposure to New Zealand’s harsh ultraviolet rays mix overtime to degrade recent decramastic tile roofs, leading to surface coating harm, damaged tiles, unsnarled nails, broken paint and cracks. whereas such harm is usually fixable, basic fixing techniques are not typically viable or suggested particularly with older tiles.

Cracks and Dents

While walking on a roof is usually even throughout cleanup or repairs, decramastic tiles area unit simply cracked and broken once subjected to such pressure. not like a dent in a very vehicle, you cannot simply pop a roof dent up to resolve the matter. Older tiles area unit particularly fragile thanks to having lost their original plasticity. making an attempt to crop up a dent might cause the tile to separate, furthering the necessity for repairs or replacements. trendy decramastic tiles area unit much more heavy and sturdy, therefore the likelihood of cacophonic within the future is not any longer the problem it’s with older tiles.

Organic Growth (Cleanliness) of Decramastic Roof

Algae, lichen, moss, mildew and molds simply grow on older decramastic tiles – leading to the secretion of harmful acids that weaken the metal tile components, inflicting leaks and a really unpleasant, green-colored growth on roofs. because the metal is worn, rust will kind on the surface which can be onerous to observe owing to varied organic growths. to boot, bound travel and flying insects – that conjointly cause harm – notice such juicy growth delicious. These pests are inspired to create your roof their home inflicting any harm.

How Much Long Life Can You Expect

Unlike different roofing materials, the new generation of stone-coated, roofing tiles incorporate technologically-advanced like Zincalume protected steel, which provides tiles a extended service life than the recent galvanized roofing tiles. The new generation metal tiles from Metrotile go with a fifty-year pro-rata weather-proof guarantee.

Variety of designs

Coated metal roofs not solely last longer, their terribly look has modified compared to recent decramastic roofs. they’re accessible in a very type of designs, over twenty colors and finishes, guaranteeing that you just purchase a product that compliments your home dead.

Energy potency

Efficiency is often a priority, therefore it forever pays to analysis before going ahead with AN order.The availability of energy-efficient materials conjointly ensures so much less maintenance and overall weight on your home. conserving the structural integrity of your house is forever a foremost concern. trendy roof tiles place less strain on the foundations and supporting beams.

Bottom Line

Just because your roof is out of sight, it’s still a significant part of your home – you can’t afford for it to be out of mind. If you are in any doubt regarding your Seventies or Eighties decramastic roof please get an expert to assess the recent tiles before undergoing roof repairs or replacements.

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